CBD Pain Cream 300mg - CBD Organics
CBD Pain Cream 300mg - CBD Organics
CBD Pain Cream 300mg - CBD Organics

CBD Pain Cream 300mg


Help comfort and restore tired muscles and joints with our soothing, relief-inducing cream, featuring extra-strength levels of organic hemp extract with CBD to help reduce or eliminate all kinds of pain and discomfort.

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About Our Pain Cream

Our proprietary liposomal preparation has significantly enhanced skin penetration for maximum CB2 receptor penetration. Our organic CBD hemp extract healing relief cream helps with muscle aches, inflammation & other joint ailments!

Most creams on the market get trapped in the upper layers of the skin where they have no receptor binding. By improving the depth of penetration, we maximize the therapeutic potential of our product.

Benefits of Our CBD Cream

Our cream also offers relief through our 2% menthol providing an initial cooling sensation to the applied area.

Have chronic back or knee pain? Apply to painful areas in the morning for all-day relief, and before bed to let it work overnight. Apply it to your tight neck and shoulder muscles after sitting behind a desk all day. Pack it in your gym bag and use it during a post workout massage to reduce inflammation and soreness.

With this cream, the possibilities and relief are endless!


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Ingredients of our pain cream include water, menthol, vitamin-E, rosemary essential oil, lavender essential oil, and organic hemp oil extract.

Our cream comes in a 50mL container with a metered dose pump that dispenses 0.2mL per pump. Apply 1-3 pumps to affected area and rub in. Use every 4-6 hours. Apply as needed to your joints, your back, your neck, your friend… anywhere that needs some relief. Except your face, that looks and must feel great already :).

Wash hands with cool water after each use. Stop if irritation occurs. Do not apply to open or bleeding wounds. Avoid contact with eyes or mucous membranes.

Unlike other methods of pain relief, using our soothing muscle relief and pain cream attacks the exact area of need that you are targeting. Whether it is your back, your knees, your neck, or any other part of your body that may be aching, you can apply our cream and quickly feel its relieving effects.

Topical creams and ointments are the preferred way to deliver a focused, potent CBD effect directly to a specific area . Since CBD rapidly absorbs through selectively-permeable layers of the skin and is not subject to digestive metabolic processes, the effects can be faster-acting than both CBD oils and gummies.

At CBD Organics™, we have spent countless hours perfecting what we believe is the industry’s finest and most potent CBD topical cream available. Each and every bottle is sourced from our certified organic hemp-derived CBD, and is verified through third-party laboratories for purity and cannabidiol content. When you buy our CBD pain cream, you are getting a top of the line CBD product that is extremely potent. We believe our CBD pain cream is exactly the product you’re looking for!

Our CBD topical cream not only provides a potent 300mg supply of organic hemp CBD extract, but it also incorporates a host of natural herbs and essential oils to provide a complete, whole-body experience that balances, replenishes, and rejuvenates skin.

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