Sleep Beverage Enhancer 150mg - CBD Organics
Sleep Beverage Enhancer 150mg - CBD Organics
Sleep Beverage Enhancer 150mg - CBD Organics
Sleep Beverage Enhancer 150mg - CBD Organics

Sleep Beverage Enhancer 150mg


Our proprietary beverage enhancers are your perfect travel buddy for any time you are on the go. Too much on your mind? Simply can't get comfortable? Add a few pumps of this delicious beverage enhancer into your water and get your much needed sleep, almost instantly!

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About Our Beverage Enhancers

Our beverage enhancers are conveniently bottled in dosed 60mL bottles to ensure accurate dosing good to the last drop. Our proprietary water soluble nano CBD gives you assurance that the maximum amount of CBD in your product ends up where it will do the most good. We offer you proven nootropics, B-vitamins, and all-natural, homeopathic ingredients designed to work synergistically with your CBD for an experience second to none.
Our flavors are delicious on their own or paired with any dish. They provide a subtle, yet distinguishable flavor that makes you want to keep on drinking it.

Our beverage enhancers can be paired with our CBD Water for an even stronger, better effect that is unmatched anywhere else!


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We have 3 beverage enhancers which can be used to get better sleep, improve your focus, or increase your energy throughout the day. Along with our certified organic CBD, our beverage enhancers contain ingredients such as melatonin and valerian root for sleep, caffeine for energy, and GABA and B-Vitamins for focus.

CBD interacts beautifully with caffeine because it settles down your body, eliminating any possible jitters, while still allowing for the caffeine to provide the desired energy.

Our beverage enhancers contain all natural colors and flavors using fruit extract, have no sugar added, and absolutely zero calories!

For the desired effect, you can dispense 1-5 pumps into a cup or bottle of water, and it will instantly be absorbed into your delicious drink ready to be consumed.


Our beverage enhancers are a great, calorie free option to make your simple cup of water a delicious drink that can also provide quick and effective wellness. Looking for more energy, better sleep, or increased focus? We got the beverage enhancer for you!

We use 2 fl oz (60mL) bottles that can easily be taken on the go and be readily available for you whenever you have a cup of water. Our bottles dispense 0.5 mg of organic hemp CBD per pump, and can dispense 300 pumps total.

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