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Top 5 Ways CBD Helps Reduce Chronic Pain So You Can Live Your Life 

When your life is derailed by chronic pain, finding the best pain-relieving solution can be a serious challenge. After all, chronic pain often manifests differently from person to person and can result in a multitude of side effects, such as strained interpersonal relationships, increased stress, depression and anxiety, and much more. Easing the debilitating effects of your chronic pain is the first step to getting your life back and finding joy in your day-to-day activities. 

In today’s day and age, there are numerous pain relief options available outside of what is considered “traditional medicine.” Specifically, the positive effects of CBD -- or cannabidiol -- on chronic pain are a renowned, safe alternative to potentially harmful traditional pain medicine. The following information sheds light on the intricacies of chronic pain and the ways that CBD can prove a beneficial option for chronic pain relief. 

What is Chronic Pain? 

Although unpleasant, pain is an unavoidable part of life. Of course, pain is disagreeable by nature, but it serves a crucial purpose: to warn us against dangers that could cause irreparable damage. From a young age, we learn that touching a hot stove can result in a startling burn, which leads us to be more cautious in the future. In an ideal world, painful injuries like a burned finger heal in a matter of days or weeks, leaving us only with a cautionary memory. 

However, when the pain of an injury won’t seem to go away and starts to interfere with your daily life, it may be time to consider whether you are dealing with chronic pain. The Institute for Chronic Pain defines chronic pain as “pain that occurs in addition to the pain of the existing health condition” and has “become independent of the underlying injury or illness that started it all.” The Institute also specifies that chronic pain typically lasts for more than 6 months. Simply put, in addition to the pain of the first injury, chronic pain takes on a life of its own and lingers for extended periods of time, causing a person ongoing discomfort that can stick around for months or years. 

While it may seem logical to think of chronic pain as a continuation of the acute pain caused by one’s original injury, this is not the case. It is essential to remember that chronic pain takes on its own level of pain above and beyond the first injury, which can make it even more difficult to treat. Chronic pain is linked to the nervous system, which is responsible for alerting our brains of injury and subsequent pain. When we sustain an injury, our nervous system goes into “alert mode” to react appropriately to harm. Once the worst is over, our nervous system should go back to normal, prepared to react again in case anything happens. However, instead of going back to “normal,” sometimes the nervous system can get stuck in alert mode, with a highly sensitive reactivity that results in amplified chronic pain. 

How Chronic Pain Impacts Daily Life 

The comprehensive impact of chronic pain on a person cannot be fully measured, as it can permeate all aspects of one’s life. When chronic pain comes into the picture, something as simple as a good night’s rest can no longer be taken for granted, as the continued discomfort often disturbs sleep patterns. As a result, the affected individual is unable to recharge for the next day, and is more likely to experience bad moods, increased stress and less motivation to stay physically active. In this way, recurring pain can easily affect some of the most fundamental parts of a person’s health: regular sleep and physical activity.

Aside from the physical toll that chronic pain can have on a person, there are numerous ways that it can negatively impact one’s emotional and social health. Due to the frustration, discouragement, anxiety and anger caused by chronic pain, it is not uncommon for someone who experiences it to also suffer from depression. To make matters worse, the symptoms of depression can actually exacerbate chronic pain, compounding a person’s lack of motivation to engage in positive activities that could improve their outlook on their situation. With an increased sense of isolation from family members, jobs and once-beloved activities, someone who deals with chronic pain is susceptible to feeling hopeless and falling victim to various mental health concerns, depression chief among them. 

Dangers of Traditional Medicine to Relieve Pain 

When considering how to treat chronic pain, it may be tempting to assume that traditional medicine is the best option to relieve symptoms. However, the use of traditional medicine to handle chronic pain comes with many risks, not the least of which are the chance of addiction to prescribed pain medication, as well as the negative side effects of one’s pain prescription. 

As has been widely reported within recent years, addiction to pain medication -- specifically those containing opioids -- is an overwhelming issue claiming many people’s lives around the world. Johns Hopkins Medicine warns that painkillers (particularly those containing opioids, a.k.a oxycodone, codeine and morphine) are especially likely to negatively affect women, who are more likely to be prescribed painkillers than men. In fact, the medical group reports that between 1990 and 2010, the death rate from prescription drug overdoses went up 400% in women, while it increased 265% in men. Johns Hopkins professional Alexis Hammond even cites studies that have linked long-term opioid use with increased pain, which would create a vicious cycle favoring medication dependency. 

In addition to these concerns, there is no shortage of side effects when it comes to the use of traditional pain medication. Notably, the extended use of pain medication to relieve chronic pain can lead to nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, confusion, depression and more, as cited by the Center for Disease Control. This non-comprehensive list gives a sense of the seriousness of the potential side effects caused by traditional pain medication. For these reasons and more, it is worthwhile to explore other “non-traditional” pain-relieving solutions. 

How CBD Helps Relieve Pain 

One such non-traditional solution for chronic pain is CBD, or cannabidiol. Various CBD products -- specifically CBD oil -- can be used to ease chronic pain as well as stress and anxiety. When examining CBD as a treatment for chronic pain, a study cited by Harvard Medical School showed that CBD reduces inflammatory and neuropathic pain, which are two of the most difficult types of chronic pain to treat. While research on the effects of CBD on chronic pain are ongoing, various studies have substantiated the correlation between its use and chronic pain relief. Other benefits of CBD include reduced anxiety and treatment of seizures in children. 

CBD is effective in treating chronic pain because of its interaction with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS exists in each of us and functions naturally regardless of a person’s use -- or lack of use -- of CBD or cannabis. Experts say that the ECS plays a role in sleep, mood, appetite, memory and even reproduction and fertility. When CBD interacts with the ECS receptors in the brain and immune system, pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects are produced that can actually reduce chronic pain. 

Types of Pain CBD Can Treat 

Within the overarching term “chronic pain” there are many different types of discomfort, aches and soreness that people experience on a daily basis. Remarkably, CBD can have a beneficial effect on a wide variety of these types of pain, whether it be related to arthritic, muscular, epileptic pain and more. Because researchers and medical professionals are still in the process of discovering the various benefits of CBD, the following summaries of the pain that CBD can relieve is not comprehensive, and may grow to be more extensive as further studies are completed on this subject. 


When it comes to arthritic pain, it’s important to remember that there are more than 100 different kinds of arthritis. While the majority -- if not the entirety -- of people with arthritis experience pain, not everyone will react in the same way to treatments involving CBD products. Some variations of arthritis -- such as rheumatoid arthritis -- are, in fact, best treated with traditional prescription medications for their ability to reduce long-term joint damage and the worsening of the condition. This being said, laboratory and animal studies have shown CBD’s ability to offer pain relief to patients with arthritis. These studies show great promise for CBD’s ability to positively impact those who deal with arthritic pain on a regular basis and are in search of a “non-traditional” pain relief alternative.  


Joint and muscle pain are extremely common and can be caused by a number of everyday activities such as intense physical activity, prolonged sitting or standing, or simply aging. Unfortunately, those suffering joint and/or muscle pain may not actively seek a pain relief solution because they see it as a normal part of their everyday routine. The good news is that you don’t have to blindly accept joint and muscle discomfort. Whatever the reason for your joint and/or muscle pain, CBD is a viable alternative to traditional prescription pain relievers. Because of the beneficial interaction between CBD and the ECS that was mentioned in previous sections, joint and muscle pain can be reduced with CBD. 


Some of the most powerful instances of CBD use to reduce pain have been in cases of epilepsy. For instance, children with rare and difficult to treat Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS) typically suffer severe seizures and even impaired cognitive function. The use of CBD has been groundbreaking to minimize and even eliminate the occurrence of seizures in affected patients, whereas traditional medications have been unable to do so. For this reason, the FDA approved the drug Epidiolex in 2018 so that those suffering similarly intense and unbearable seizures could experience the relief of CBD. 


Because of CBD’s anti-inflammatory and analgesic -- or pain-relieving -- properties, it may prove to be useful in lessening the effects of headaches and migraines. Additionally, those experiencing joint and muscle pain associated with migraines could benefit from CBD products, the American Migraine Foundation reports. Doctors even state that CBD could reduce or prevent nausea and vomiting caused by migraines. As with many other conditions, the results of CBD use will vary from person to person based on specific symptoms and reactions. 

Back Pain 

Related to muscular soreness, back pain is a common source of discomfort for many adults. Again, the causes of such pain can be attributed to habitual actions such as sitting at a desk all day with less-than-ideal posture, or perhaps a muscle sprain which can feel crippling. Back pain can also indicate serious issues like a bulging disc or sciatica -- the compression or pinching of the sciatic nerve. When used in a topical form, CBD is highly effective in reducing back pain and discomfort. 

Different Types of CBD Products and Their Applications 

CBD products are available in a wide variety of forms and strengths depending on what each user is seeking. CBD Organics offers 7 different types of 100% natural and organic CBD products with different strength levels and flavor options to best suit customers’ taste and needs.

Generally speaking, most CBD products are taken orally or applied topically. Specifically for first-time CBD users, Vegan CBD gummies are an excellent option for customers to test the effectiveness of CBD on a daily basis. CBD Organics mixes 100% organic CBD hemp extract into gummies so it is evenly distributed, unlike competitors who may simply sprinkle it on top. 

Other CBD product options include CBD waters and beverage enhancers. CBD Organic’s waters taste just like regular water, with the added benefits of less stress, pain and anxiety. Even better, these CBD water bottles are made from biodegradable recycled plastic to help the environment. For improved focus, energy or even sleep, check out CBD Organic’s beverage enhancers that come in tasty flavors like blueberry acai, orange and peach. These beverage enhancers can be paired with CBD water for an even more impactful, calming beverage. 

The last of CBD Organics’ products that can be taken orally are tinctures or pet tinctures. Available in a conveniently-packaged 1-oz. bottle, tinctures are a solution made of 100% natural, organic hemp that can be taken under the tongue or added to any drink. CBD Organics offers varying strength products, from 500mg-2500mg of CBD isolate per bottle. 

Topical CBD products are also a popular option, with CBD Organics offering CBD Pain Cream, Goat’s Milk Soap, Shea Butter Salve and CBD Hand Sanitizer. These topicals can be applied directly to the affected area to experience pain relief and/or stress relief. 

Benefits of Various CBD Products 

CBD Organic’s high-quality products act as solutions to a wide variety of issues that customers may be experiencing. Each product is specifically formulated to target aches, pains, stress, anxiety and more. For example, CBD Organic’s Vegan Gummies have a positive influence on mood regulation and on how users feel in their body every single day. As previously stated, they are an easy transition into the world of CBD pain and stress solutions. 

CBD Organic’s water is helpful in minimizing body aches, pains and stress that you may experience on a regular basis. Packed with vitamins and minerals, our CBD water will keep you hydrated and feeling great throughout the day. For a delicious addition to your drink that helps you stay focused, energized or even sleep better, beverage enhancers are the way to go. You don’t need to break the bank to be more productive, rested or energetic -- the natural ingredients in the beverage enhancers get the job done. 

Restful sleep and reduced body aches and pains are within your reach with CBD Organic’s varied-strength tinctures. Always made with natural, safe ingredients, our tinctures will help you feel relaxed in no time. You can even help your furry friend feel their best with the help of CBD Organic’s pet tinctures. The salmon-flavored liquid can help lessen inflammation in your pet, reduce separation anxiety, benefit digestion, improve aggression and more. 

Lastly, say no to continuous muscle or joint pain by using CBD Organic’s all-natural topical treatments. Gentle but effective, products like the CBD Pain Cream or CBD Max Relied Shea Butter Salve are terrific ways to take the pain out of your day, whether you’re dealing with a long-time injury or a recent cut or bruise. 

Why CBD Offers a Beneficial Alternative to Traditional Pain Relieving Strategies 

Amazing pain relief and reduced stress and anxiety are just around the corner with the help of CBD Organic’s effective products. CBD Organics’ products are safe to use and can have unprecedented positive benefits on mood, sleep patterns and general health. When it comes to treating chronic pain, traditional pain medication can have risks such as potential dependency or addiction, as well as unpleasant and harmful side effects like nausea and increased sensitivity to pain. Whether you are dealing with pain or discomfort related to arthritis, joint and/or muscle pain, epilepsy, headaches and migraines or even back pain, it’s time to consider the advantages of all-natural CBD pain solutions. 

To learn more about how CBD Organic’s 100% all-natural products can benefit you, contact our friendly and knowledgeable team members at (442) 245-7125 or email We’re eager to help you enjoy a painless, stress-free life!